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PRP Treatment in Scottsdale

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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment Scottsdale, AZPlatelet-rich plasma treatments are a growing and evolving treatment option for skin health, hair loss and many aesthetic and medical concerns. Your blood is made of four main components. White blood cells help your body fight infection and disease, red blood cells transport oxygen to your tissues from the lungs, and platelets help your blood clot by forming plugs when blood vessels are injured. The fourth component is plasma, which carries nutrients, proteins and hormones to the area of the body that needs them and processes cell waste. PRP treatments isolate the platelet-rich plasma from a sample of your blood and inject it into various areas of the face or scalp for facial rejuvenation or hair regrowth.

PRP therapy harnesses your body’s repair processes to improve your complexion and combat hair loss. Dr. Ali Ghafouri and our skincare providers at Arizona Oculoplastic Specialists can help you determine if PRP treatments are right for your aesthetic concerns.

How PRP Treatment Works

Your blood platelets play an essential role in clotting. When the tissues experience damage, PRP rushes to the injured area to stop bleeding and start healing the wound. Research has shown that PRP releases more than 30 growth factors to instigate healing and contains other active proteins that promote tissue growth and new blood vessel formation. These broad abilities make PRP a treatment option for cosmetic and medical issues, including skin conditions and various surgeries.

Your PRP treatment starts with a blood draw. The vial of your blood is processed with a centrifuge, which spins the blood sample to separate the components. PRP is typically a straw-like color. Lidocaine is injected into the treatment area first to numb the site. Then the platelet-rich plasma is injected into multiple places in the treated area to instigate cell growth and tissue renewal. The PRP procedure takes around 30 minutes, and no downtime is necessary. You will need to follow Dr. Ghafouri’s instructions for skincare after PRP.

These treatments are appealing for multiple reasons. They’re straightforward and don’t introduce a foreign object or product into your skin and body, so there’s little to no risk of adverse effects. While you may need multiple sessions to achieve the best outcome, many patients are happy using their own cells to enhance their appearance.

PRP Treatments for Skin Rejuvenation

PRP Therapy Specialist Scottsdale, AZPRP may be used on its own to improve skin texture and tone or reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Microneedling is often combined with PRP treatments for a “vampire facial.” Microneedling creates microscopic injuries in the skin to trigger your body’s healing response for more collagen and elastin and smoother, tighter skin. When combined with PRP, microneedling can improve PRP absorption and significantly improve atrophic acne scars and skin pigmentation conditions.

Laser treatments may also be combined with PRP for facial rejuvenation that dramatically reduces acne scars and eases post-laser redness and swelling.

PRP Treatments for Hair Regrowth

Platelet-rich plasma has been studied and shown effective for improving hair regrowth in people struggling with hair loss. PRP treatments can be done with or without hair transplants and work by binding to the human dermal papilla cells in the scalp. The primitive stem cells activate the growth phase of the hair cycle, increasing and maintaining the formation of hair follicles.

Schedule Your PRP Treatment in Scottsdale

PRP is a popular way to improve many aesthetic concerns without invasive surgery. Contact Dr. Ghafouri at Arizona Oculoplastic Specialists to schedule your consultation and see if PRP treatments are right for you.


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