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Entropion Repair in Phoenix

Written by Dr. Ali Ghafouri

Also Serving Patients in Scottsdale

Entropion is a malposition of the eyelids that results in inversion or turning in of the eyelid margin. Consequently, the eyelashes make contact with the eyeball and rub against the cornea and conjunctiva. Patients will often experience chronic irritation redness, tearing, and discharge. If untreated, this condition can cause abrasion of the cornea leading to infection and even scarring and loss of vision.

Even though entropion may involve upper and lower eyelid; however, the lower eyelid is much more common. There are several types of entropion including: congenital, spastic, involutional, and cicatricial. Involutional is the most common type of entropion. This condition is age related and usually occurs in the lower eyelids. The factors that play a role in the development of entropion are tissue atrophy with laxity of the tendons and supporting muscles of the lower eyelid.

Cicatricial entropion is as a result of various conditions including autoimmune, (ocular cicatricial pemphigoid, Stevens-Johnson syndrome), infectious (trachoma, herpes zoster), traumatic, and chemical burn.

Spastic entropion is as a result of ocular surface irritation or inflammation. It is commonly secondary to a condition that causes chronic irritation of the eye such as dry eye syndrome. In selected cases, this type of entropion can be treated with Botox injections.

Surgical repair of entropion is very successful and is performed as out-patient. Dr. Ghafouri has performed hundreds of entropion repairs and he is an expert in treating and management of this condition.


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