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Skin Treatments in Phoenix

Written by Dr. Ali Ghafouri

Also Serving Patients in Phoenix

At Arizona Oculoplastic Specialists, we offer in-office chemical peel treatments from PCA SKIN®.

PCA SKIN® Chemical Peels

The experts at PCA SKIN® have devoted over 25 years to the development of highly effective, safe chemical peels. PCA is the innovator of the modified Jessner’s chemical peel. Over the past two decades they have expanded their line of blended chemical peels to include treatment options for all skin types, ethnicities and conditions. These in-office treatments are quick and comfortable, and are performed easily in about 30 minutes. Based on your specific skin type and concerns, the appropriate PCA SKIN® chemical peel is selected and applied to the skin. This solution will stimulate exfoliation within the skin, causing new, plump, undamaged skin cells to move closer to the skin’s surface, and old, damaged skin cells to peel away. While there may be a few days of visibly peeling skin, similar to the peeling seen with a sunburn, there is no downtime associated with these treatments. Results are noticeable after just one treatment, while dramatic results are seen after a series of six treatments.

Arizona Oculoplastic Specialists also offers non-peeling skin care treatments from PCA SKIN®. Please contact our office today to learn more about which treatment is best for you.

PCA SKIN® Products

Arizona Oculoplastic Specialists offers patients professional, clinical skin care products from the PCA SKIN® line. PCA SKIN® has been a trusted innovator in the skin care industry for over 25 years. From professional treatments to daily care, they are a company dedicated to formulating products with the optimal combination of ingredients that target individual skin types, concerns and overall skin health for superior results. Schedule your complimentary skin evaluation today to learn more about what products might be best for you.


Dermaplaning is an in-office treatment provided by a licensed professional in about 30-45 minutes. Dermaplaning, sometimes referred to as epidermal leveling, exfoliates dead skin cells and removes very fine (vellus) hair and other impurities from the skin. This type of exfoliation allows for more effective absorption of additional treatments, such as chemical peels, as well as the skin care products you use at home. There is no downtime and your skin will instantly be softer and smoother and have a clearer, more radiant complexion.

Profound® RF Microneedling

There is microneedling, the innovative new treatment for lines, wrinkles, scars, cellulite and stretch marks — and then there is Profound® microneedling.

As the name suggests, this advanced procedure can make a tremendous difference in the way you look and feel. As with the more basic microneedling technique, a special instrument containing fine needles is used to produce microscopic punctures in the skin, triggering a physiological response that boosts production of nature’s own fountain-of-youth proteins.

The Profound technique supplements use of ultrafine needles with targeted bursts of radiofrequency (RF) energy. Patients report dramatic improvements in cellulite, facial marks, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

These extraordinary results are generated by your skin’s own profound power to heal. Patterns of micro-punctures combined with disruptive RF waves awaken the body’s restorative impulses, marshaling the rejuvenating power of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to the site of the mild “injury.” As these proteins accumulate in subcutaneous layers, they add smoothness, strength, volume and flexibility to the skin, vanquishing the fine lines, flaws, furrows and dimpling that mar your appearance.


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