Eyelid Retraction

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Surgical options to correct eyelid retraction.

What is Eyelid Retraction?

Eyelid retraction occurs when the eyelids are pulled away from the eye, exposing the white part of the eyeball. Cases can range in severity, with mild cases causing an irritating gritty feeling in the eye to more severe cases that interfere with the eyelid’s ability to close properly. This makes it difficult to blink and can lead to dry spots on

the cornea. If left untreated, patients could experience eye infections, corneal scarring, and vision loss. One of the most common causes of eyelid retraction is thyroid eye disease but natural aging, injury, or a previous eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) can also cause lid retraction.

Would You Benefit from Eyelid Retraction Surgery?

If your eyes have a bulging look and/or you suffer from constant irritation, we encourage you to schedule a consultation to determine whether eyelid retraction is the cause of your symptoms. Dr. Ghafouri can diagnose retraction by measuring the distance from the upper eyelid margin (edge of the eyelid) to the center of the cornea where light is reflected.

The ideal candidates for eyelid retraction repair will be in overall good health without underlying medical conditions or additional eye diseases. If you are determined to be a candidate, eyelid retraction repair can resolve the following concerns:

  • Upper eyelid retraction
  • Lower eyelid retraction
  • Inability to blink
  • Blurry vision

Eyelid Retraction Treatment Recovery

Mild swelling and bruising are common symptoms after any eyelid surgery, but they should improve within the first week of recovery. Keep your head elevated, take pain medication as needed, and use lubricating eye drops to ease your discomfort and minimize swelling. Strenuous exercise and use of contacts should be avoided for about two weeks but patients often return to work within 3-5 days.

Meet Dr. Ali Ghafouri

Dr. Ghafouri MD, FACS, is a board-certified ophthalmologist with specialized training in oculoplastic and orbital surgery. His exclusive specialization in cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid and facial surgery sets him apart from other plastic surgeons who practice a larger range of facial and body surgeries. The eyes are a complex and dynamic structure that requires the trained eye of an eyelid surgeon like Dr. Ghafouri to achieve the best possible results. He has performed over 12,000 aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries, each with a personalized approach and commitment to exceptional results.

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“Dr. Ghafouri and staff are simply the best! They take care of you from start to finish and make you feel welcome and important. Dr. Ghafouri operated under my eye taking out a mass I had since birth. So very thrilled with the results! 100% I recommend this doctor and staff.”

“Wonderful office. The whole staff and providers are fantastic.”

“Dr. Ghafouri and his team are very professional and knowledgeable. Very well-educated in his specialty and very helpful. His office environment is clean, bright and efficient.”



Dr. Ghafouri offers virtual consultations for out-of-town patients. We see patients from all across the country who trust Dr. Ghafouri’s unique skills and expertise for their facial or eyelid surgeries. If you choose to travel to Arizona for your surgery, we can also recommend hotels and other resources to make your stay comfortable.

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