The Difference Between Asian Blepharoplasty and Traditional Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid lift or eyelid tuck surgery, is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed today. But despite its popularity, there are a lot of misconceptions and confusion surrounding the procedure. One of the most common questions trusted facial plastic and oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Ali Ghafouri hears from patients is, “What is the difference between Asian blepharoplasty and traditional blepharoplasty?” He explains the key differences between the two in this blog post.

About Traditional Blepharoplasty

The amount of collagen our bodies produce diminishes over time, causing the skin to gradually loosen. The loss of elasticity and effects of gravity become very apparent on the upper eyelids as the skin begins to droop, adding to a tired and older-looking appearance.

Traditional blepharoplasty aims to rejuvenate the eyes by removing excess skin on the eyelids, as well as fat and tissue. The details of blepharoplasty vary depending on the needs of the specific patient. Generally, an incision is made along the natural eyelid crease, minimizing the appearance of scars. The loose skin is removed, excess fatty deposits are removed or repositioned, and the underlying tissues are tightened as needed. Following traditional blepharoplasty, the eyes appear more energetic and the face looks younger overall.

About Asian Blepharoplasty

The majority of people have a crease above the upper eyelids that folds when they open the eyes. However, it is estimated that 50 percent of people of Asian descent do not have upper eyelid creases when the eyes are open. Some people worry that the lack of an upper eyelid crease causes their eyes to look smaller, tired or hooded. Asian blepharoplasty, also known as double eyelid surgery, aims to remedy these cosmetic concerns by creating a crease on the upper eyelid. Following Asian blepharoplasty, the eyes can look wider, larger and more expressive. The most important goal is to obtain natural results with Asian blepharoplasty procedure.  

Dr. Ghafouri can perform Asian double eyelid surgery in Phoenix using one of two different methods. In the first approach, he will create very small openings on the patient’s upper eyelid and use a small stitch to attach the eyelid skin to the underlying eye muscle that opens and closes the lid. This creates a natural crease or fold on the lid when the patient opens the eyes. In the second approach, Dr. Ghafouri will create an incision on the upper eyelid, where some redundant skin is removed and the fat is sculpted. This approach is typically reserved for patients with extra fat or skin on the upper lid that needs to be removed. The process creates a defined crease on the upper lids. A soft and natural result is vital in this surgery.

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