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After being disfigured by a cosmetic surgeon 8 years ago, followed by 6 revisions from 3 different surgeons, I had given up hope of ever looking normal. I was also turned down by several surgeons, as lower lid margin corrections “are problematic,” as I was told repeatedly. After reading reviews of Dr. Ghafouri, I decided to try one more time. Dr. Ghafouri was confident he could improve my disfigurement. I was scheduled quickly, and was quoted a very fair price. 1 day after surgery, and I knew my personal nightmare was finally over. I literally can’t believe by reflection in the mirror. After 3 weeks, I do not even look like I ever had surgery. Rating Dr. Ghafouri 10/10, or 5 Stars… could never convey the gratitude I feel for him and his very competent staff. What else can be said… after 8 years of suffering… Dr. Ghafouri gave me my life back.

Michael B.

Dr. Ghafouri is a skilled & efficient occuplastic surgeon & has a great balance between his professionalism & bedside manner. Each member of his treatment team is professional & caring. I highly recommend him for occuplastic surgery!


Dr. Ghafouri,

There is no hesitation sharing with you how grateful we are for the highly skilled surgery that you performed on me; beginning with the pre-operative procedures to the moment I awakened, refreshed, and unburdened by any pain or other side effects and this continues throughout the healing process. My recovery has been excellent. I was blessed to have you as my surgeon.

We would like to show our appreciation with our handmade gift for your wife. If any adjustments are required, please feel free to return it with any instructions and we will get the job done and return it to you.

In closing, we want you to know that Diana was also instrumental in our overall experience and our appreciation. She is very special. We will keep all of you in our prayers.

Howard B.

He us absolutely fabulous! My consult, surgery and recovery have been an awesome experience. He came highly recommended and I see any. My results are wonderful.

Sherry S.

As a surgical nurse, I learned many years ago that all surgeons are not created equal.

So, I went on an extensive search of laser & surgical options for my upper & lower eyelid area. I had deep circles and bags under my eyes called “festooning”, not an easy fix. I consulted with several physicians and got their input on how to solve my problem.

I wanted a result that would bring me back to the woman I was, still young and vibrant. Not the tired and so much older looking one that stared back at me in the mirror every morning.

Dr. Ghafouri exceeded this expectation beyond what I could have ever imagined! After patiently listening to my concerns, he decided that I would need an upper & lower blepharoplasty with a mid face lift.

Post surgery, for me there was no pain, only slight bruising and a minimum of downtime. Almost 2 years later the compliments on my new look keep rolling in. I am a very private person, but I now readily show my “before” pictures to anyone who asks. It is a fun experience to see how others react and gasp at what I previously looked like, as compared to now.

There are lots of surgeons out in the Phoenix metro area. I have seen the results of similar surgeries, even those who went to a plastic surgeon in a fancy California zip code and I remain unimpressed. I can say with complete confidence that for anyone contemplating cosmetic eye surgery, Dr. Ghafouri is the only surgeon you should be considering.

Riina N., RN

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing repair you did to correct my mild eyelid ptosis. It has been about 6 months and I couldn’t be happier. I will be sending you a lot of friends and patients your way. Thanks again.

E. W.

Dr. Ghafouri performed surgery on my eyelids and corrected a problem from a previous surgery y another surgeon. His corrective surgeries changed my life and returned my eyelids to their natural look. He is an excellent surgeon and a truly caring man. I strongly endorse Dr. Ghafouri for any eyelid surgery you need. he is patient, caring and an outstanding surgeon. You will NOT be disappointed and can not find a better plastic surgeon than Dr. Ghafouri.

Gary M.

Before I came to Dr. Ghafouri’s office my eye would water all the time. I had a blocked tear duct in my left eye. Now I didn’t really know how bad it was until I saw him and got it fixed. Let me tell you a little story. As a baby both my tear ducts had problems. My right eye was fixed as a baby. Later on in life my left eye started to have problems. It would water almost every day. I would always have my hand to my eye to wipe away the tears. I was finally wanting to know what was going on so when I saw Dr. G. I found out that I had no tear duct on my upper left eye. I was ok with that. Then my bottom was blocked. Surgery day came and I could not be happier. In and out everyone was so nice. I had a tube in my tear duct for around a month no biggy, if it meant me being able to see and do things w/out it looking like I was crying. When I had my 2nd to last visit I went home crying out of joy and relief. No more thinking about wiping my eye. I notice little things that I had no clue that my block tear duct was causing such problems. I can now sit through a whole movie w/out wiping it, driving is different, everything is so much better. But most of all it has given me my self-confidence back. There is a big thank you to so many people, Dr. Ghafouri, his staff, and my mom. Without them this would not have been possible. There really are no words to how thankful I am to them all. I am so glad the surgery went as planned even though he couldn’t save the top tear duck that’s fine he tried but he saved the bottom and that changed it. That’s all I really needed. No more problems. That just makes me so happy. All the pain and crying over. Don’t have to worry about it anymore. It is what I have been wanting for a very long time. So thank you Dr. G and his staff and mom for making this possible. Dr. G. really knows what he is doing. Thank you, thank you, thank you, you changed my life in a positive way.

Gabrielle A. P.S. Thank you

I had wonderful experience w/the staff here. I had basal carcinoma in left eye. I had corner of eye scraped and plastic surgery. Dr. Ghafouri is an amazing plastic surgeon. For such a small tender area of my eye he reconstructed my eye to look like it originally was. There is redness because it is still healing. Looking at both eyes u cannot tell that my left eye was reconstructed. The staff here is lovely and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Very kind staff, kept me informed on everything. Thanks to you!!

Marissa G.

Dr. Ghafouri has been my bright spot in this illness. He is kind but decisive, and always inquires as to how I am feeling. I’m very grateful to be his patient.

Sandra H.

I was very nervous about my problem with my eye. Dr. Ghafouri is the gentlest man. His explanation of what needed to be done and the follow up was above any other doctors visit. Bless you, dear man!

Linda H.

I was first greeted by Dr. Ghafouri’s friendly and helpful receptionist. Everything was explained to me very well and I was made to feel at ease. Dr. Ghafouri did a spectacular job, and I went from having two, sad droopy eyelids to being bright-eyed and happy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the world a brighter place.

Ellen H.

My life has changed since Dr. Ghafouri did my eye surgery. I am a very complicated case and he has given me back my confidence and smile. I would highly recommend Dr. Ghafouri.

Elaine L.

In these days of cell phones, computers, fast food and doctors who are in such a rush to see as many patients as possible, it is a relief to meet a doctor who takes the time to look, listen, and find the problem that the patient came in for. Dr. Ghafouri is one of the best physicians I have had the pleasure to meet, and take care of me. He is professional, knowledgeable, and very talented. If you need a eye surgeon who is on top of his field, you must come see Dr. Ghafouri; he is the best!

Ralph R.R.

Thank you so much Dr. G. You have totally changed my life. You did a great job in removing my problem. It was something that everyone told me that would be a part of my life forever that there would be no way to change. You are my hero and I’m so happy with the results. Thank you again!.

Amanda S.

Just a little note of appreciation for the outstanding service, care, concern and attention you gave to me. Thank you!

Sharon S.

Every step in this process was excellent. From the first time I walked in to the last I was very satisfied. I suffered from Ptosis and it caused a loss of vision. In addition to that it made me worry about if people were looking at my eye. When one eye looks normal but the other does not it definitely weighs on your emotions because of one’s concern with appearance. Everyone wants to feel and look their best and because of Dr. Ghafouri I do. I would highly recommend Dr. Ghafouri to anyone who needs his expertise. Diane and Dr. Ghafouri are an excellent team and I wish I could say thank you a thousand times. You are the best!

Thank you so much Dr. G. from the moment I walked in the office I felt comfortable and confident that I was in the right place. The eyelid surgery you performed turned out EXCELLENT! almost no pain or bruising. I am referring you to others.

Sincerely. Virginia W.

I had an extremely professional experience with Arizona Oculoplastic Specialists beginning with Diane who was informative both before and after my surgery, and then with Dr. Ghafouri. My surgery was explained very well to me so that I knew what to expect. The surgery center was an incredibly good experience. Dr. Ghafouri was extremely skillful and my recuperation was as planned. I would rate my entire experience as “AAA”.


Out of the blue, what I had been treating as a sty for months, I found out was actually a cancerous growth. Thankfully, I was recommended to Dr Ghafouri. His general demeanor was very calming. His staff was excellent, pleasant and accommodating from start to finish.

The day after what was an extensive Moh’s surgery, I was in Dr. Ghafuori’s office for reconstruction. Since I was told that the Moh’s had gone well, I was now very nervous about the outcome. How different from my left eye was my right eye going to be? The procedure was virtually painless and guess what? Today no one can tell which eye I had surgery on. Dr Ghafuori is #1 in my heart!

Marie R.


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