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Facial Treatments in Scottsdale

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Skin Facial Treatments Scottsdale, AZFacials are a great way to help your skin improve and heal. These sessions are beneficial for those struggling with dull skin, hyperpigmentation, blackheads and clogged pores. Our skincare providers, Kimberly Leavitt, LE, CLT, and Kyle Graber, RN, LE, CLT, offer various facials to enhance your skin health and refresh the look and feel of your appearance. We can match you with the facial that fits your skin type and aesthetic needs.

What is an OxyGeneo + Ultrasound?

OxyGeneo + Ultrasound helps your skin breathe, offering a purifying and refreshing feel. This facial is also called the 3-in-1 Super Facial and harnesses the oxygen molecules in your skin by triggering the Bohr Effect. The Bohr Effect is a phenomenon that happens when red blood cells adapt to fit the biochemical environment, maximizing their capacity to bind with oxygen. The increased oxygen in your skin with OxyGeneo + Ultrasound leads to healthier-looking and more youthful skin.

Six weekly facials are recommended for optimal results with OxyGeneo + Ultrasound facials. This facial delivers three treatments at once, exfoliating, oxygenating and rejuvenating the skin, along with an infusion of nutrients that revitalize the tissues. Results are immediately noticeable and provide long-lasting anti-aging benefits.

You can expect a smoother, brighter complexion with a more even texture and supple feel after just one OxyGeneo + Ultrasound treatment. White pores, sun and age spots and fine lines can be reduced with multiple facial treatments, and there is no pain or downtime.

What is a Skin Brightening Facial?

People who struggle with sun damage and hyperpigmentation can benefit from a skin brightening facial. This treatment hydrates the skin while promoting a more even skin tone. Skin brightening facials reduce skin discoloration and cell renewal with amino acid complex and are made with green tea extract, arbutin and mulberry root extract. Sodium PCA and glycerin ingredients help hydrate and replenish moisture for a brighter skin tone.

Skin brightening facials are often an excellent choice for people with a special event coming up who want to improve skin tone and clarity for a healthy, renewed appearance. The treatment exfoliates the skin, removing the dulled surface cells and minimizing sun and age spots. The botanical extracts in skin brightening facials help prevent or address skin discoloration for an overall even, brighter tone.

What is an Acne Facial?

Acne is a common skin condition, and many people struggle with these embarrassing blemishes long after their teenage years. Acne facials deeply cleanse the skin to remove makeup, oil and dirt traces. While typically used on the face, acne facials may improve blemishes and the skin’s condition in the neck, chest and shoulders.

Cosmetic Skincare Provider Scottsdale, AZAcne facials use steam to soften and unclog the pores. The skin is exfoliated to remove dead skin with a sulfur-based medicated masque that absorbs excess oil and removes dirt from blocked pores. Blackheads and whiteheads are manually extracted to clean the pores and remove the dead skin cells, bacteria and oil trapped in the pores. This portion may be slightly uncomfortable but should not be painful, and your blackheads are gone afterward.

An Aloe Hydra cooling gel masque is applied after blemish extractions to soothe and calm your skin and reduce redness. Acne facials can help you combat acne and revitalize your skin.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning will likely be a part of your facial experience at Arizona Oculoplastic Specialists, as it is often combined with a facial or chemical peel for optimal results. Also called microplaning or microblading, this treatment uses an exfoliating blade to skim and remove dead skin cells and tiny, fine hair from the face. Removing this debris and “peach fuzz” smoothens your skin and offers a brighter, radiant appearance. Dermaplaning may improve the appearance of acne scarring and is beneficial for dry skin, dull skin, sun-damaged skin and fine wrinkles.

A sterile blade held at an angle slowly removes facial impurities, such as scar tissue and dead skin, revealing healthy, brighter skin. Dermaplaning is a low-risk procedure with little to no redness afterward and no downtime. You may feel like your skin has been scraped for a few days, but the renewed and refreshed appearance is evident right after your treatment.

Dermaplaning combined with facials and chemical peels is a great way to reset the surface layer of your skin because it allows for better absorption of the chemicals and skincare products for more effective results.

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