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Excessive Tearing Treatment in Phoenix

Written by Dr. Ali Ghafouri

Also Serving Patients in Scottsdale

Causes of Excessive tearing:

Dry Eye Syndrome

Ironically some patients with dry eye syndrome have episodes of excessive tearing. The tears are produced by a gland (lacrimal gland) located within the upper outer corner of the eye socket (lacrimal fossa). There are numerous smaller glands within the upper eyelid that are responsible for baseline tear production.

The eyes are further lubricated by oily secretions from a series of oils glands (meibomian glands) located at the eyelid margin close to eyelashes. Obstruction or inflammation of these oil glands will cause chronic irritation of eye surface. The eye responds to this feeling of lack of lubrication by producing too much tears and causing excessive tearing. This type of excessive tearing is usually intermittent and exacerbated in windy environments outside, when exposed to draft from air conditioner. Some patients with this condition have excessive tearing when reading or watching TV. These patients often complain of fluctuations in vision. Please see the link on dry eye syndrome.

Eyelid Malposition

The eyelids protect the eye, and like wind shied wipers distribute the tears evenly over the eyeball surface and also help with drainage of tears. Any condition that interferes with normal function of the eyelids could potentially cause excessive tearing.

Examples of eyelid malposition include, when eyelids are slightly turned out (ectropion) or turned in (entropion), and pulled away from the globe exposing too much of the eyeball (eyelid retraction). Significant scaring from trauma, previous eyelid surgeries, and thyroid eye disease may cause eyelid retraction. Any condition resulting in not being able to blink normally or fully close your eyes (lagophthalmos) such as Bell’s palsy, or facial paralysis could also cause excessive tearing.


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