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Crow’s Feet in Phoenix

Skin Rejuvenation by Injectables ScottsdaleWhen you think of what an “old” face looks like, one of the first attributes you may picture is crow’s feet. These are the fine lines and wrinkles that develop at the outer corners of the eyes. With time, these lines become increasingly prominent, aging the face significantly.

Hence, addressing crow’s feet is one of the most impactful ways to rejuvenate your face. Dr. Ali Ghafouri and the team at Arizona Oculoplastic Specialists offer multiple treatments that can smooth the crepey skin beside your eyes for a younger appearance.

How Crow’s Feet Form

When you make facial expressions like smiling, frowning or squinting, the muscles around your eyes move, which cause little creases to appear. When your skin is younger and more elastic, these crinkles vanish immediately. However, once your skin becomes more lax, these indentations can linger for longer stretches, eventually becoming so deep set that they are permanent — even when your face is not making any expressions at all.

Avoiding crow’s feet entirely is virtually impossible, with most people developing them after middle age. With that said, you can help to delay their arrival or minimize their prominence by moisturizing, using sunscreen, wearing sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection and cover the sides of your eyes and not smoking.

Crow’s Feet Treatments

Blepharoplasty Scottsdale Crow’s feet may be inevitable, but cosmetic treatments can help to conceal the lines for facial rejuvenation.


The most effective treatment for most patients is Botox. This injectable neuromodulator can freeze the muscles beside your eyes so that they do not move when you make facial expressions. Within a matter of days (or a couple weeks depending on how deep the lines are), the creases should diminish and perhaps fade from visibility altogether. Botox is painless and does not require downtime. To maintain your results, you need to get periodic injections every three or four months.

Dermal Fillers

For some patients, dermal fillers like Juvéderm or Restylane may achieve better results. The hyaluronic acid in these injectable treatments can add volume to the skin, making it firmer and less susceptible to creases around your eyes. Like Botox, dermal filler injections are painless and require little to no downtime. The results can last between six months and one year.


ResurFX is a fractional laser that treats skin more gently (with less tissue damage) than comparable laser treatments. By heating your skin, ResurFX can generate new collagen and elastin production, which tightens the skin and minimizes lines like crow’s feet.


Although blepharoplasty is primarily performed to improve the appearance and functionality of the upper eyelid, tightening the skin and musculature beside the eyes can often help make the crow’s feet look less pronounced. Some of Dr. Ghafouri’s brow lift patients see similar benefits. Although surgery is not necessary to tackle crow’s feet, it can be a bonus for patients who want to rejuvenate their eyes and/or forehead more completely with cosmetic surgery.

Rejuvenate Your Eyes at Arizona Oculoplastic Specialists

For smoother, wrinkle-free skin around your eyes, schedule a consultation at our office in Scottsdale, AZ, by calling (480) 905-1010. Dr. Ghafouri and his team can devise a customized treatment plan to produce the best possible results for you and your skin.


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