Eye Rejuvenation for Men

Women are not the only ones who place a premium on a youthful appearance. Whether their goal is to remain competitive in the workplace, be attractive to potential romantic partners or simply feel confident in daily life, many men are pursuing plastic surgery to recapture a well-rested, energetic and attractive face.

In this post, Dr. Ali Ghafouri breaks down the areas of the face that his male patients frequently want to rejuvenate.

Heavy Upper Eyelids

As men (and women) get older, the delicate skin of the eyelids loses elasticity. Additionally, the eyelid muscles stretch, and fat in and around the eyelids becomes displaced. All of these factors can contribute to heavy upper eyelids that can make a man’s eyes appear perpetually sad, angry or tired.

Treatment Solutions

Dr. Ghafouri often rejuvenates his male patients’ upper eyelids with blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift. Blepharoplasty entails removing excess skin and fat, tightening lax muscles and making other surgical modifications to improve the contours of the upper eyelids. The surgery is performed through tiny incisions concealed in the natural creases and transitions of the lids; the incisions usually heal very well and the scars are imperceptible.

Sometimes heaviness in the upper eyelid area occurs because of low-hanging brows. The brows may sit so low that they “hood” the upper lids. Subtly elevating the brows — even by just a few millimeters — can brighten up the eyes and revitalize a man’s entire face.

Depending on the case, Dr. Ghafouri may recommend well-placed Botox injections to gently elevate a low brow. Many men like the idea of non-invasive treatments that do not require recovery downtime; the trade-off is that the results only last three to six months on average.

Another option is forehead lift, which raises the brows into a more relaxed position. The brow lift in men should be performed conservatively to provide a subtle improvement. The brow lift incisions are carefully concealed within the hair-bearing scalp for discreet scars.

Puffiness under the Eyelids

For some men, the problem isn’t the upper eyelids — it’s puffiness or bags under the eyelids. The skin and muscles of the lower eyelids can stretch out, and fat can become displaced, creating a visible demarcation between the lower eyelids and upper cheeks. The shadows cast by the puffiness create half-moons or dark circles that contribute to a chronically exhausted expression.

Treatment Solutions

Lower blepharoplasty (lower eyelid surgery) is targeted specifically to those concerns. Dr. Ghafouri removes excess fat and/or skin from the lower lids and tightens the eyelid muscles. He can return fat to its proper position, minimizing the noticeable transition between the lower eyelid and upper cheek area and eliminating shadows or circles. In some patients, micro droplets of fat are harvested from the abdomen and injected into the lower eyelids and cheeks to provide more volume and eliminate dark circles. The surgery can be performed through incisions hidden just below the lash line or internally (inside the lower lid).

The Go-To Surgeon for a Refreshed Appearance

Men who want naturally rejuvenated facial features trust their care to Dr. Ghafouri. He is committed to delivering the desired improvements without making his male patients appear too feminine or “overdone.”

Dr. Ghafouri spent years studying the unique aspects of male facial anatomy and learning how to tailor his techniques to male characteristics (e.g., thicker skin, different hair patterns). The surgeon works with every patient individually to determine the specific areas that must be addressed and customize an appropriate plan of treatment. He recognizes that no two patients are exactly alike and that each patient deserves personalized care.

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