What Men Should Know about Cosmetic Surgery

As a leading oculoplastic surgeon serving Scottsdale, Phoenix and the surrounding area, Dr. Ali Ghafouri meets with countless men interested in cosmetic surgery. The surgeon understands that many of these men, although interested, are hesitant to undergo cosmetic surgery due to misconceptions or lack of information. Dr. Ghafouri wants to set the record straight on male cosmetic surgery in this blog post.

Procedure Techniques are Different for Men

What works for women doesn’t always work for men. This is certainly true when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Each gender has unique, defining features that should be taken into consideration when designing a patient’s cosmetic treatment plan. A surgeon who is experienced in male cosmetic surgery is trained and skilled in advanced surgical techniques that retain or improve upon a man’s masculine features.

Surgery Requires Downtime

Staying away from their regular routine can make some men restless. However, downtime is a reality that comes with surgery. Resuming normal activities like exercising can lead to subpar results and even serious health complications. Before scheduling your surgery, make sure you can dedicate enough time to recovery and healing.

Surgery Isn’t Always Necessary

If you cannot afford to take too much time off after surgery or only wish to make minor tweaks to your appearance, non-surgical treatment may be a better option. Cosmetic injectables like Botox and dermal fillers can smooth out wrinkles and fine lines without incisions or downtime. Non-surgical fat reduction is also available with Kybella. This alternative to liposuction offers patients the opportunity to get rid of the dreaded “double chin” without the downtime or complications associated with surgery.

Maintenance Is Key

Facial rejuvenation procedures can slow down the hands of time but they cannot completely stop the natural aging process. Practicing good lifestyle habits like not smoking, moisturizing, wearing sunscreen and eating healthily can prolong your younger-looking appearance. If you undergo facelift, eyelid surgery or another surgical procedure, you can also “touch up” your results with repeat sessions with Botox or dermal fillers.

Financing Options are Available

The potential cost of cosmetic surgery can deter many men from pursuing treatment. Fortunately, many surgeons offer financing options, which allow patients to pay for their procedure with low monthly payments. Unless you plan on paying for your procedure out of pocket, select a surgeon that offers affordable financing.

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