Ptosis Repair for Drooping Eyelids in Arizona

Are you tired of constantly looking tired or having small asymmetric appearing eyes? Well, we at Arizona Oculoplastic Specialists are here to offer you a permanent solution for your drooping eyelids. Provided primarily in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona, our renowned plastic surgeon specializes in eyelid lift and ptosis repair procedures. 

What Exactly is Ptosis Repair?

Eyelid droop, or Ptosis, is a condition where the muscles responsible for lifting the eyelid become weakened or stretched, causing the eyelid to droop.  Some individuals are born with ptosis. It may affect one eye or both. Sometimes, the only indication for ptosis is that one eye appears smaller. Contact lens wear has also been associated with ptosis. However, most commonly it is an age-related condition. Through Ptosis Repair, the function and appearance of the eyelid can be effectively restored. For those in Phoenix and Scottsdale looking into eyelid surgery options, Ptosis repair is definitely something worth considering.

Why is Ptosis Repair Crucial?

Living with ptosis can be more than just an aesthetic issue—it can impact vision, self-perception, and overall quality of life. With ptosis repair surgery, we ensure that you regain not just the functionality of your eyelids but also your confidence.

Dr. Ali Ghafouri’s Approach to Ptosis Repair

 Dr. Ali Ghafouri, has performed thousands of Ptosis Repair procedures. His approach relies on careful examination, meticulous planning, and precise execution. Every patient’s condition is unique, and Dr. Ghafouri creates customized plans to address the distinct needs of each and every case. During the examination, it is determined if both eyes need to be treated or only one. 

Common Questions about Ptosis Repair

Are you apprehensive about the prospect of eyelid surgery in Phoenix? Dr. Ghafouri is here to answer your questions:

Is the Procedure Painful?

Ptosis Repair is generally performed under local anesthesia, which ensures a near-pain-free experience. Generally, there is no need for IV sedation or general anesthesia. You may experience some mild discomfort during your recovery, but this can be easily managed with the over-the-counter pain medications.

How is the Recovery?

Recovery from ptosis repair may vary depending on the individual’s health and healing ability. There is some degree of swelling and bruising expected. Post-op instructions will be given to minimize the swelling and bruising. On average, recovery typically takes about 1-2 weeks.

Will it Leave a Scar?

One of Dr. Ghafouri’s goals is to create minimal scarring. Incisions are typically made within the natural creases of your eyelid, or internally rendering them virtually invisible over time.

What is the Difference Between Ptosis Repair and Blepharoplasty?

In ptosis surgery, the muscles that lift the eyelid to open the eye are tightened. Blepharoplasty involves the excision of the loose skin and the removal of the fat. In some patients, both procedure are combined and performed at the same time. 

Increasing Your Quality of Life with Ptosis Repair

Ptosis repair, skillfully executed by Dr. Ghafouri at Arizona Oculoplastic Specialists, is an effective solution for droopy eyelids that can drastically enhance your life’s quality. Not only will it correct the physical hindrance, but it also boosts your self-esteem immeasurably. If you’re considering Ptosis Repair, we encourage you to reach out via our online contact form to discuss your options. Remember, you deserve to live life with your eyes wide open!



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