The Benefits of Kybella

Submental fat, commonly referred to as a “double chin,” is a cosmetic flaw that plagues individuals of all ages and sizes. Oftentimes, weight loss efforts like diet and exercise do little to slim down this area. Fortunately, cosmetic surgery options like neck lift, liposuction and, more recently, Kybella are available to help patients sculpt the neck and jawline. Kybella is quickly growing in popularity in Scottsdale because it is the first injectable product approved by the FDA for the removal of unwanted submental fat.

Are you interested in getting a sleeker neck and jawline with Kybella? Here, Dr. Ali Ghafouri, a Scottsdale facial plastic surgeon, shares some of the benefits you can expect with the injectable treatment.

It’s Minimally Invasive

It used to be that neck lift and liposuction were the only options to remove unwanted fat and create a sleeker, more refined jawline. Although successful, neck lift and liposuction come with inherent risks including excessive bleeding and poor wound healing. Many of these risks, however, are minimized or completely eliminated with Kybella. The procedure does not involve incisions or general anesthesia. Instead, Kybella only uses tiny injection points and a local anesthetic.

Treatment Is Quick

An injectable treatment with Kybella can be completed in as little as 20 minutes whereas liposuction and neck lift can take hours to perform, depending on the details of the procedure.

Little Discomfort

Patients feel very little discomfort during and after Kybella. Minor post-op side effects include soreness and slight redness, which subside quickly. While liposuction and neck lift patients don’t feel any pain during treatment thanks to the use of general anesthesia, they will experience some soreness and discomfort for several days or weeks after surgery.

Minimal Downtime

Immediately after your treatment session, you will be free to return to your normal activities, including work. Both liposuction and neck lift require a more extensive recovery. Patients should expect to take one to two weeks off from work and their normal routine. Ultimately, the length of recovery will depend on the patient’s personal healing progress and the advice of their surgeon.

No Scarring

Because no incisions are involved with Kybella, there is no post-op scarring to worry about. If you are hesitant to refine your jaw and neckline with neck lift because of potential unfavorable and noticeable scarring, consider Kybella instead.

Results Are Permanent

Kybella eliminates fat cells in the submental area. Once the targeted fat cells are destroyed, they cannot regenerate, meaning that the results with Kybella are permanent. If you gain weight in the future, it will be more evenly distributed on the body.

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