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Hands in Phoenix

Hand Rejuvenation ScottsdaleAlthough you probably focus most of your rejuvenation efforts on your face, you may also want to direct some attention to your hands. Just like the skin on your face, the skin on your hands loses volume and becomes wrinkled with age. If you wish your hands looked as smooth and attractive as they once did, visit plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Ghafouri and his team of cosmetic specialists for treatment recommendations. 

Imperfections that Arizona Oculoplastic Specialists can help improve on your hands include:

Volume Loss

The hands lose youthfulness due to a variety of reasons. Production of collagen and elastin proteins that which keep the skin supple and vibrant slowly decline over time. Subsequently, fat loss is common in the hands, leaving the hands appear more gaunt and translucent. Consequently, while the skin loses its elasticity wrinkles develop.

The easiest way to correct volume loss and reverse this aging is with dermal filler injections. By hydrating and thickening the skin, your hands should look fuller and younger. While many types of filler are available, Radiesse is the most popular option for the hands. Injections provide instant volume (with results that improve thereafter as collagen and elastin production rises) and require little to no downtime. Results typically last 12 to 18 months before further injections are necessary.

Another more long-term option for restoring volume in your hands is with fat grafting. This surgical procedure harvests fat from an area where it is in surplus (often your abdomen or thighs) and re-positions it to an area that is showing hollowness such as your hands. Although the recovery is more substantial with fat grafting, the results are much longer lasting. Your body recognizes its own fat cells, which means they can thrive in their new location indefinitely.

Age Spots

Because your hands are rarely covered up when you are outdoors, they are especially susceptible to UV exposure. Years of collective sun damage often results in hyperpigmentation or “age spots” on your hands. If these brown, red, black or gray spots on your skin bother you, you can use cosmetic treatments to reattain a more even skin tone.

Many of our patients prefer IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy for their spotted hands since it is easy and effective. The light targets the hyperpigmented parts on your skin. A few days later, the sun damage becomes more noticeable prior to these small areas flaking off. A brighter, more unified complexion is seen as the skin responds to this particular laser therapy.

By removing the outer layers of skin, revealing fresher skin with an even tone, chemical peels are another suitable choice. Dr. Ghafouri’s medical aestheticians will select the appropriate peel portfolio to choose from depending on the severity of your hyperpigmentation and the other contributing factors of aging.

Schedule a Consultation

After examining your hands, Dr. Ghafouri can suggest the best treatment (or combination of treatments) for hand rejuvenation. To make an appointment with Arizona’s best aesthetic team, please call (480) 905-1010.


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